JODO Gasshuku 2023 – Feldberg

Jodo Gasshuku 2023 - Feldberg
Jodo Gasshuku 2023 - Feldberg

After almost one year of preparation and organization, our one-week Jodo seminar could finally take place at the Herzogenhorn Sports Center ( With 125 participants this was our biggest seminar ever. Although the Herzogenhorn Sports Center had only 80 beds available and had never to accommodate so many participants, this was also managed. In addition to the 80 beds, there was yet another chalet nearby as well as another cabin in the immediate vicinity, so that all participants could be accommodated.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the training started, all the participants from different European countries arrived one after the other, from north to south and east to west, almost all nations were represented. Even from Ukraine some had come, because we also have a group over there. Only from Russia unfortunately nobody could come, there is a larger group in St. Petersburg. On Saturday a larger Aikido group left, who had also organized a Gasshuku there.

Now that all borders were open again after the pandemic, the joy was of course great to meet old acquaintances and friends again. After all, that is also the purpose of these events. After seven hours of training per day, experiences could be exchanged and new friends could be made in the evening.

However, not only Jodo, i.e. the fight stick against sword, was trained, but also the weapons attached to this Ryu, such as


All in all, these were busy days, which unfortunately passed too quickly. On Friday, the last day before departure, examinations were still scheduled, followed by an Embu, upon which all types of weapons were demonstrated, including Iaido, a sword art not belonging to the Shinto Muso Ryu.

The last surprise on this last day was a big barbecue party, organized and hosted by the Sports Center. Until late at night it was still celebrated extensively and it was agreed that this Gasshuku was really great.

Saturday was the day of departure and they promised to meet again next year for a one-week Gasshuku, this time in the Czech Republic, more precisely in Kácov.