Our recreational team is a friendly group of mixed age. We are neither pros nor complete beginners - an while we play volleyball for fun, we still have a certain amount of ambition. We laugh a lot, play music on the side, and if a set point is in doubt, we just repeat the serve.

Feel like joining us?

Your age is irrelevant as long as you are reasonably active in sports.


  • You can serve (no matter if from below or above), pass and set.
  • You are not an active player.
  • You have a healthy ambition and can get excited about every point, but if you lose a match, you don't lose your temper!

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Thursday20:00 – 22:00Advanced practitioners

Wir spielen frei und ohne Trainerin oder Trainer.


Susana Weigel
Telefon-Nummer +49 176 – 43 17 02 03


IGH Sporthalle 
Baden-Badener-Str. 21
69126 Heidelberg

Entrance at the caretaker, close to the football-cage!

We use the "Klubraum" chat app to facilitate in-group communication. Would you like to join? Just send us an email.