Karate – "The way of the empty hand"

Everybody has seen Karate performances in public martial arts event or on social media.

But the "way of the empty hand" is much so much more: Karate can be practised as a work-out and for competition, as a way to fitness and strength, but also a martial art, as unarmed self-defence to improve your own body awareness and to strengthen your own personality.

We cordially invite everyone - adults of all ages, young people and children - to experience and feel the fascination of Karate-Do for themselves in one of our training sessions.

!!! Diese Zeile nicht ändern oder löschen – wird für das Untermenü benötigt !!!

Tuesday17:00 – 18:15Children
Wednesday18:00 – 19:00Freies Training
Wednesday19:00 – 20:30Advanced practitioners
Friday18:00 – 19:30Anfängerkurs
Friday18:00 – 19:30Advanced practitioners
There is no children's and youth training during the school holidays.
Während der Schulferien findet kein Kindertraining statt.
Fastnachtszeit12. Februar 2024 – 18. Februar 2024
Osterferie12. Februar 2024 – 18. Februar 2024
Pfingstferien23. März 2024 – 05. April 2024
Sommerferien25. Juli 2024 – 07. September 2024
Herbstferien28. Oktober 2024 – 31. Oktober 2024
Weihnachtsferien23. Dezember 2024 – 04. Januar 2025
Karate Trainerin Andrea Montrasio

Andrea Montrasio
3. Dan

Karate Trainer Andreas Drohmann

Andreas Drohmann
1. Dan

Karate Trainer Thomas Hoba

Thomas Hoba
1. Kyu


Andrea Montrasio


Auditorium der 
Elsa-Brandström-Straße 8
69126 Heidelberg

We are a member club of the Karate Federation of Baden-Württemberg (KVBW) and of the German Karate Federation (DKV).

We practice Wado-Ryu-Karate in the tradition of grandmaster Teruo Kono, who was a direct student of the style founder Hironori Otsuka and brought his karate to Germany in the seventies. This style is registered at the DKV as Wadokai.

We use the "Klubraum" chat app to facilitate in-group communication. Would you like to join? Just send us an email.