Handball Abteilung beim PSV

Handball – "The dynamic team sport"

Dear sports friends,

PSV (Police Sports Association) is a modern club with a long tradition and also the only city club in Heidelberg. We have been actively involved in Heidelberg’s society since 1923.

Our handball department has a long tradition of focusing on achievement rather than deficiencies: everyone can conrtibute to the success of the team at their won skill level. Our athletic success is based on solid and sustained work with young talents.

We follow our own maxim: "From junior players up to first team".

The success of our teams is based on this concept. The majority of our players come from our own programme and are living proof of our approach!

!!! Diese Zeile nicht ändern oder löschen – wird für das Untermenü benötigt !!!

Tuesday20:00 – 22:00IGH Sporthalle Rohrbach
Friday20:30 – 22:00 Sportparkhalle Leimen
Wednesday19:30 – 21:00Sportparkhalle Leimen
Friday19:30 – 21:30Pestalozzi-Halle
Tuesday18:30 – 20:00 IGH Sporthalle Rohrbach
Friday18:00 – 19:15Sportparkhalle Leimen
Stephan SottileHerren
Matthias HambrechtA-Jugend (KuSG Leimen)
Bernd RuhnauSpielgemeinschaft (KuSG Leimen)

Deniz Isik

Daniel Weigel

IGH Sporthalle Rohrbach/Hasenleiser
Baden-Badener-Str. 21
69126 Heidelberg

Entrance at the caretaker, close to the football-cage!

Sporthalle der
Römerstraße 77
69115 Heidelberg

Entranve via Willy-Helpach school parking lot.

Sportparkhalle Leimen
Peter-Disegna-Weg 1
69181 Leimen

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