Shinkiryu Aiki Budo

Aikido Shinki Rengo

Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu Bokuyokan – Itto-den Shinki Toho

Aikido Dan-Seminar

Heidelberg, Sat. 16 - Sun. 17 March 2024 
(Budo-Dojo – Elsa-Brandström-Str. 8, 69126 Heidelberg)
Members of the Examination Committee and M. D. Nakajima, Shihan


  • Aikidoka who have reached at least 1st kyu are allowed to participate.
  • Members of the Heidelberg dojo who are involved in the organization of the course may train (only with each other) even if they have not yet reached 1st kyu.
  • Kyu grades from other Dojos may observe and only participate with Soke’s approval. 


Saturday 16.03.
09.30 – 10-00Meditation
10:15 – 12:15Aikido (Shihan + 3 EC-Members)25,00 €
ca. 12:45Lunch at the dojo (pizza may be ordered)
ab 14:00Joint conference of the trainers' and examiners' commission
16.30 – 18.30Aikido (2 PK-Mitglied + Shihan)
followed by an examination (please register in advance)
25,00 €
Sunday 17.03..
09.30 – 10-00Meditation
10:00 – 12:00Aikido (Shihan)25,00 €


Saturday, March 16, 2024
  • Morning Session: The members of the examination board (Shihan and three others) will lead the training (30 minutes each) and demonstrate at least 2 techniques from the examination regulations. 
  • Lunch:see below. 
  • Afternoon Session:Trainers and Examination Commissions Meeting. During the meeting, the dojo can be used by the other participants for open training. 
  • In the late afternoon, the members of the examination board (Shihan and two others) will lead the training (two PK members 30 minutes each, Shihan 60 minutes). The 4th, 5th and 6th Dan holders will train together after the first hour of the afternoon training. Since this measure is a small substitute for the seminar for the holders of the high Dan grades, this special exercise should be taken seriously among themselves
  • The examinations take place at the end of the training on Saturday. Pre-registration at least 2 weeks in advance and approval by Soke is required. Essays must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance in accordance with the examination regulations and the decision of the examination board.
Sunday, March 17, 2024
  • Soke will lead the training for all participants. Holders of higher dan grades are strongly encouraged to participate as Soke will offer higher level instruction. In addition, other participants should be better supported by the holders of the higher Dan grades. 


  • The entire course costs €70 (€60 for Shinkiryu members) or €25 per session (see above). Members of the examination board take part free of charge. 
  • Online registration is required.
  • The deadline for online registration and receipt of the participation fee is no later than March 8, 2024. 
  • Those missing the March 8 deadline will incur a slightly higher cost of 5€ administrative fee. 

Required items

  • Seat cushion or bench for meditation as well as tanto, sword and jo. 


  • Members of the trainers and examination committees will be reimbursed for petrol. Car pools are highly encouraged. 

Overnight accommodations


  • Catered lunch (e.g., pizza) on Saturday will be finalized soon. 
  • A group dinner is also being planned. Details will be announced, here, soon.


Rick Soriano


By bus: Bus stop "Berthold-Mogel-Straße" or "Mark-Twain-Center" with bus 29 from S-Bahn stop "Südstadt/Weststadt" or bus 20A from Heidelberg main station.

By tram: "Bethanienkrankenhaus" or "Rheinstrasse" stop on line 23 from Bismarckplatz or line 24 from Heidelberg main station.

Hotels in the area

Exclusion of liabilities

  • The organizer accepts no liability for damage or theft.
  • All participants train at their own risk.
  • Please take valuables into the dojo.
  • Note: Showering and changing in the hall is possible.

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