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Target shooting

A modern sports club is diverse, and the target shooting group at PSV is probably one of it's more exotic divisions. We meet regularly on Mondays at a shooting range in Leimen. The group was founded in March 1965 and has been a member of the Badischen Sportschützenverband (District 5-Heidelberg) in Leimen since 1973.

We welcome members from a minimum age of 18. The use of firearms is subject to strict regulations. After regular participation in our classes for at least one year, you can obtain a permit from the Badischer Schützenverband (Baden Shooting Association) to purchase your own firearm. A clean criminal record is required, and after approval, you must ensure that the firearm can be stored safely. A firmly installed safe is obligatory. More information is available at out meetings.


Practice is conducted with pistols owned by the club or members' own pistols. The required ammunition is provided and purchased by the participants according to the amount used.

We have a 25m range and use handguns, i.e. pistols and revolvers (small calibre ( .22lfb ) and large calibre ( 9mm, .357 Magnum .38 Special ). As we have no 10m shooting range, air gun practice is not available at present.

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Monday17:00 – 20:00Beginners and advanced practitioners/ students

Jürgen Pipgorra


Jürgen Pipgorra
Telefon-Nummer +49 6202 – 27 00 09


Schützenverein v. 1906 e.V.
Bruchhäuser Weg 42
69124 Heidelberg

We use the "Klubraum" chat app to facilitate in-group communication. Would you like to join? Just send us an email.