About us

Sports at PSV are good for you on every level. The body is exercised and stretched, the mind is allowed to attempt whole new challenges, and alternating tension and relaxation have an equally beneficial effect on the mind.

Sports for the entire body

Everyone knows that sport is good for the constitution - most of us spend far too much time sitting at our desks, on our desks at school or on the sofa. At PSV, we engage in recreational sports instead of high performance athletics - we challenge our bodies to perform, but not to the utmost. We enjoy training and some of us do so frequently, but without stress. The sports offered at PSV are designed to strengthen the whole body, to improve stamina and to build up strength. Our ambition is to increase individual performance, no matter when and how you start - as a child, youth or adult.

Sports for mind and soul

A sense of achievement during training, the pleasure of being in motiona and pleasant exhaustion are not just a side-effect of sport, but a very important part of it. Only physical activity that is also a source of joy has really fulfilled its purpose. If you go to practice with eager anticipation, set yourself achievable training goals and then go home more relaxed, happy and at ease, you have benefited not only in body but also in soul.

Sports within a community

Whether it's budo or ball games, the team mates are essential to all PSV groups. Some members have been with the club for a long time, others have only just joined. In most groups, all age groups train together, and with the exception of the handball team, all training sessions are mixed-gender. Our club members and instructors come from many different countries and cultures. This gives the entire experience an additional element of importance as an excercise in consideration, tolerance and respect. It strengthens both the individual and the team as a whole. If you share this conviction, you are more than welcome to join us!