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Are you interested in joining us? Excellent! We are always happy to welcome new enthusiasts, and those interested are welcome to come along for a couple of free, no-strings-attached trial sessions (insurance cover is guaranteed). Membership is open to all (never mind the name of the club, which is owed to our > Club History).

Club fees

The annual membership fee is based on age and division. For special reductions, please contact the board or the head of your division.

ExplanationBudoHandballTarget shooting
FamiliesFor all family members or cohabitants registered at the same address330,00200,00200,00
ChildrenUntil 14 years120,0050,0040,00
Youths14 – 17 years150,0060,0050,00
Trainees, students, pensioners, unemployed etc. without own income
Proof required
AdultsFrom the 18th birthday250,00140,00140,00
Temporary membersCancellation period monthly min. 4 weeks to the end of the month (Budo only)25,00 / month
Passive members50,0050,0050,00
Registration feeOne time per person (Budo only)15,00

Association fees

For some Budo groups there are additional association fees, as well as a pass fee for exams or competition participation.

Judo/KarateMember of BJV e.V. / Member of DKVjährlich20,00
Ju-JutsuMember of the Ju-Jutsu Verband Baden e.V.jährlich20,00
KyudoMitglied im Deutschen Kyudobund.jährlich48,00
Passport feePrerequisite for examination and competition participation
Please submit a photo(3,5cm x 4,5cm)
one time10,00

Payment options

  • All contributions are generally collected by direct debit. The PSV Heidelberg e.V. uses the creditor identification number DE88ZZ00000798344.

Due date

  • Jahresbeiträge (Handball, bzw. Passive Mitgliedschaft) werden zum 15.4. des Jahres eingezogen.
  •  Der Halbjahresbeitrag (Budo) ist am 15.4. (für  das 1. Halbjahr) und am 15.10. (für das 2. Halbjahr) des Jahres fällig. Bei Eintritten innerhalb des Jahres werden der Beitrag und die Verbandsabgaben anteilig abgebucht.
  • Reductions will only be granted if proof is sent at least 4 weeks before the move-in date.
  • Temporary membership fees are collected on a monthly basis.
  • A fee may be charged for each reminder. Anyone who is in arrears with the payment of the fee despite two reminders can be deleted from the list of members in accordance with § 5 of our Articles of Association and is then no longer entitled to take part in the sporting activities.

Admission to and withdrawal from the club

  • The Board of Directors decides on the admission of the member to the PSV Heidelberg e.V. The application for admission is considered accepted if the member is not notified in writing of the rejection within one month.
  • Austritte aus dem Polizeisportverein Heidelberg e.V. sind nur mit einer dreimonatigen Kündigungsfrist zum Halbjahresende. Über einen vorzeitigen Austritt in Ausnahmefällen entscheidet ausschließlich der geschäftsführende Vorstand in Absprache mit dem jeweiligen Abteilungsleiter / der Abteilungsleiterin.

PDF Member registration form

Please send the signed application to the Polizeisportverein Heidelberg e.V. at

Bei Rückfragen kannst Du Dich gerne bei uns melden.

Mario Schreer
Club Manager:
Telefon-Nummer +49 151 – 67 83 47 13